Effingham County Housing Authority
Renovation of Burton-Devore Apartments

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Effingham, IL

Base Bid

Dwelling Units non ADA: Renovations include new kitchen cabinets and countertops, sinks & faucets, range hoods, bathroom fixtures, remove the bath tub and install shower pan, shower surround with bench, valves and trim, install exhaust fans, install LED light under the counter and ceiling mount light over the kitchen table. HVAC systems. Flooring patching and touch up paint in the units.

Accessible Units: Apartment renovations include new kitchen cabinets and countertops, sinks & faucets, range hoods, bathroom fixtures and accessories, valves and trim, install exhaust fans, HVAC systems, flooring and paint in the units, interior doors, and partitions.

Common area improvements include redesign of the public toilets, and laundry facility for ADA access, remove and replace the mailbox at the front entrance.

Site improvements include redesign of the dumpster pad and enclosure to provide ADA access, provide van parking at the main door, and drainage modifications.

Alternate Bid No. 1

Dwelling Units Non-ADA: Remove and replace flooring, install FRP panels and chair rail in bathrooms, remove existing light fixtures and install LED fixtures. Paint entire unit, entry doors and frames.

Alternate Bid No. 2

Common area improvements include new lighting and finishes for the elevator cab, new lay-in panel ceilings, lighting in the corridors and stairwells, painting of corridors and stairwells.

Alternate Bid No. 3

Site improvements include resurfacing and repairs to the parking lot, re-stripe the parking lot, and new building sign.

Alternate Bid No. 4

Exterior improvements include replace building lighting (LED) and post lighting, paint exterior hollow metal doors and frames, remove and trim trees as designated.

Copies of the documents are available (two set maximum) and may be obtained from our office by depositing a check in the amount of per set payable to

Saline County Housing Authority
Interior Renovations/Upgrades, Phase 5 and Miscellaneous Upgrades

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Harrisburg, Eldorado, Galatia, and Carrier Mills, IL

Project IL-43-1/Harrisburg

Remove and replace existing ranges in designated units.

Project IL-43-Eldorado

Remove and replace ranges and furnaces in designated units.  New furnaces shall be hi-efficient (95%) with new pvc flues.

Project IL-43-10/Galatia

Remove and replace all site sanitary waste lines with new schedule 40 pvc.  Lines shall be sized to meet Illinois Plumbing Code.

Project IL-43-145/Carrier Mills

Abate all floor tile, mastic, and existing textured ceiling material.  Remove and replace under slab sewerlines.  Install new hi-efficient HVAC systems including ductwork (insulated).  Install new (pex) domestic waterlines, including shut-off valves (insulate new lines).  Install new gypsum board on all partitions and ceilings.  Insulate all exterior walls with spray foam insulation.  Insulate attic with blown-in insulation (R-49).  Install eave baffles at every truss space.  Remove and replace all bathroom fixtures and accessories.  Remove existing kitchen cabinets, sink, and faucet.  Install new sink, faucet, cabinets, and countertops.  Remove and replace existing electrical wiring, switches, receptacles, and light fixtures.  Remove and replace entrance doors and storm/screen doors.  New entrance doors shall have wood frames and hollow metal insulated slabs.  Install new flooring and base throughout units.  Have termite treatment performed on entire exterior of buildings.

Housing Authority of the County of Wayne
Sidewalk Replacement

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Fairfield and Wayne City, IL

Project IL-88-1/Fairfield

Remove and replace existing sidewalks at various locations. Revise a section of sidewalk at the North Street Parking to eliminate a section.

Project IL-88-2/Fairfield

Remove and replace existing sidewalks along West Wood Drive and S. View Circle.

Project IL-88-3/Wayne City

Remove and replace existing sidewalks at the parking lot and install a new drive access by the West parking lot and dumpster pad for the trash service. The drive will connect to Section line road and the dumpster pad will be accessible from the west sidewalk.

Project IL-88-4/Fairfield

Remove and replace existing sidewalks at the main drive and at the alley drive.

Project IL-88-5/Fairfield

Remove and replace existing sidewalks at all sites. Remove and replace the stoop at 605A and 603B at West Water Street and N.W. Sixth Street.