Housing Authority of the County of Union
Exterior and Interior Improvements

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Jonesboro, Dongola, Anna, and Cobden, IL

Projects IL-67-3/Dongola, IL-67-4/Anna, IL-67-5/Cobden, and IL-67-7/Jonesboro

Remove and replace existing boilers and water heaters with new boilers (84% efficient) and water heaters in designated buildings.

Project IL-67-8/Anna

Remove and replace all exterior expansion sealant joints.  Remove and replace all sealants around all sliding glass doors, aluminum panels, and windows.  Apply water repellant to all masonry (brick) on the first floor.  Apply elastomeric coating to all aggregate panels, concrete columns, and all ceilings of decks.  Prime and paint all aluminum panels.  Prime and paint mechanical room penthouse.