Miscellaneous Renovations and Roof Restoration   1990

This project consisted of removal/expansion/renovation of existing special education classrooms, installation of a classroom unit ventilator, installation of new partition, lighting revisions, removal and disposal of existing smooth surface built-up roof membrane, temporary and permanent removal of existing metal flashing, guttering, gravel stops, roof drains and related items, removal/replacement of wood nailers and fascias, removal of existing roof curbs, minor repairs to existing lightweight concrete roof deck, installation of rigid roof insulation board, installation of fully adhered EPDM elastomeric roofing membrane and installation of new roof components including flashings, guttering, gravel stops, roof drains and other related items.

Life Safety Corrective Work   1991

Work consisted of removal/replacement of doors, frames and hardware, reglazing at exit doors, trophy cases, removal/replacement of roofing shingles, replacement of existing exit sidewalk, plumbing work including installation of vent piping on sinks and water coolers, new vacuum breakers, new trap on service sink, mechanical work including installation of combustion air dampered louver through wall at kitchen food storage area, and electrical work including expansion of system and replacement of various components in conjunction with building fire alarm system, repair/replacement of damaged exit signs and additional emergency lighting and related work.

Roof Replacement at 1979 Addition   1994

Work consisted of removal of existing smooth surface built-up bituminous roof including related flashings and underlying insulation, installation of single-ply, fully adhered EPDM roof membrane over new roof insulation board, installation of new perimeter sheet metal flashings and fascia covers, new EPDM flashings at roof curbs, wall and other penetrations and removal/replacement of deteriorated sections of the existing metal roof deck and wood blocking and nailers.

HVAC Modifications   1995

Work included installation of condensing units, refrigerant piping, power wiring and devices, new power panel and revisions to controls to convert seven (7) existing heating only unit ventilators with existing direct expansion cooling coils to heating and cooling units.

New Electrical Service   1997

This project consisted of demolition and removal of certain existing distribution equipment and feeders, new circuit breaker type switchboard, new meter and CT cabinet, new service feeders, new current limiting fuses and extension of existing feeders to new switchboard.

Classroom Addition   1998

A 8,200 sq. ft. addition for six classrooms to the existing building.

Classroom Addition
Classroom Addition
Classroom Addition


Waltonville High School   2001

Asbestos abatement design for removal of asbestos containing materials.