Health and Life Safety Work   1988

Health and Life Safety Corrective Work   1993

This work consisted of the following repairs at the Central Campus and East Campus:

Central Campus

Repair of existing bleachers, including replacement of the base board supports and painting of all steel bleacher support frames at the Football Stadium; replacement/repair of doors and hardware, replacement of exiting glazing, modifying toilet rooms to comply with accessibility requirements, replacement of domestic hot water boiler, replacement of 100 l.f. of underground gas distribution piping, installation of vacuum breaker, new exhaust system components, installation of additional fire alarm system, additional emergency light, GFCI protected receptacles, new switchboard components, installation of handrails for exterior entrance stair, replacement of plumbing fixtures, new unit heaters, installation of backflow prevention devices, revision of ventilation.

East Campus

Removal/replacement of doors, frames and hardware, replacement of glazing, installation of new indirect ice maker waste connection, vacuum breakers at exterior wall hydrants, replacement of two electric water coolers, installation of combustion air dampers, repairing various exhaust fans, installation of additional heat detectors, installation of GFCI receptacles, replacement of Computer Room conduit, installation of new lighting fixtures and renovation of toilets for accessibility.

Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement   1993

This project consisted of replacement of air conditioning chiller and cooling tower and all related work at the East Campus and replacement of air conditioning cooling tower and all related work at the Central Campus Learning Center.


Remodel of Stage Area   1988

Roof Renovations for Shop Building   1988

Miscellaneous Renovations   1991


New Radiology Lab   2007

Project consisted of renovation of interior of an existing pre-engineered building for a New Radiology Lab

Renovate Kitchen (Culinary Program)   2007   (CDB-810-078-021)

Renovation of an existing campus facility for a new Culinary Arts kitchen/classroom.

Theater Upgrades   2007

Proposal No. 1

Removal and replacement of existing floor covering, wall coverings, seating, and costruct new accessible seating platforms

Proposal No. 2

Repair/upgrade existing stage lift including new controls, hydrualic lines and pumping equipment, jack casings and pistons, and power units

New Coal Mining Training Center   2008

A new 20,000 square feet structure to house a simulated coal mine, large open shop area, offices and large classroom space.