President, CEO, Architect


    Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Associate/1991/Architectural Technology B.S./1993/Advanced Technical Studies

Relevant Experience and Qualifications:

Mr. Dillon became a stockholder of the firm and was named Vice-President in October 2004. He gained over three years experience in cost estimating, quantitative takeoff, computer management, surveying, cross sectioning and project coordination with an earthmoving corporation, prior to joining Eggemeyer Associates in 1994. Additionally, his educational background includes courses in Civil Engineering which gives him valuable insight related to site development. He has over ten years of experience in CADD design and preparation of construction documents for numerous facilities for CDB and HUD modernization projects, including serving as the Job Captain and Project Architect. Mr. Dillon has been involved with the evaluation of facilities to complete their Physical Needs Assessments and Energy Audits to help determine long term improvement plans, assessment of facilities for ADA, and survey of facilities for renovation feasibility. Mr. Dillon is now serving as the Project Architect on Commercial Projects and on HUD modernization projects for our Housing Authority clients and is very knowledgeable in the HUD and CDB requirements and procedures.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Member, American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • Member, AIA, Illinois
  • Member, AIA Southern Illinois - 2003 - President, 2004 Past President, 2005 & 2006 Director
  • Associate Member, National Association of Housing Redevelopment Officials
  • Member, Association of Licenced Architect (ALA)

Professional Registration, Architect:

  • Illinois 001-017877