The architectural practice known today as Eggemeyer Associates Architects, Inc. was initially established September 1, 1960 in Carbondale, Illinois as Fischer-Hermeling, Architects and Designers. The firm was incorporated in the State of Illinois in May of 1961. In 1971, when Architect William H. Stein became a principal, the firm was renamed Fischer-Stein Associates, Inc. In 1980, Architect Andrew L. Eggemeyer became the third principal of the firm. Upon the withdrawal of Architect Hans Fischer in June 1990, the firm name became Stein/Eggemeyer on 1 September 1990 and relocated to a new Carbondale office. In mid-1998, when William Stein retired, Andrew Eggemeyer became the Corporate President, and on January 1, 2000, the corporate name was changed to Eggemeyer Associates Architects, Inc.  In April of 2009, Mark Dillon became President/CEO of the company.  John Beatty and Edward Kirchner became co-Vice-Presidents in 2014.  In September of 2015 the firm relocated to Herrin, Illinois to its current office.

The firm has been responsible for the design of building projects in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Florida during its more than fifty-year existence. Projects, encompassing both new construction and renovation/restoration work, including schools, libraries, correctional facilities, residences, nursing homes, hospitals, office buildings, laboratories, dormitories, supermarkets, stores, shopping centers, churches, jails, courthouses, multi-family Housing units, financial institutions, fire and police stations, industrial plants and warehouses, restaurants, and college and university buildings. Clients have included individuals, local, state, and federal governmental agencies and institutions as well as private industrial and commercial interests.

With a staff of seven full-time and two part-time professionals, the firm today has broad capabilities in:

  1. Programming and design of single buildings and of complex, multi-building projects
  2. Design development of building structural, architectural and environmental systems
  3. Administration of construction.  Areas of special expertise include rehabilitation, remodeling and site improvements

Through a program of continuing education of its staff members, Eggemeyer Associates Architects, Inc. continues to expand its capabilities and upgrade its qualifications in a number of technical areas.